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Love to all

I’m praying for all that needs help & their families. It’s a great reminder !

Shimmer Bead Bracelets

this bracelet is really pretty. It has quality material and looks just likie it does in the pic.

Perfect gift

Matching bracelets were perfect! Comfortable, clearly carved custom lettering. Surprised how quickly they were delivered! Definitely buy again!

Hayden’s Bracelet

Bracelet is a good reminder of Hayden and the damage these lock downs have caused families. I pray Hayden’s family finds peace 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Sweetest gift

We did this for my daughter sweet 16 and it brought her to tears. She thought it was the best present she had received from us . I guess song from the heart mean a lot

Love the bracelet and the idea behind it!

Love this concept!

I really like these bracelets! I’ve ordered so many custom ones. Love them all!

Replay Bracelet

Customize Your Own Life Token Bracelet

Custom Stone Bracelet 2 Pack

Best gifts Ever!!

I stumbled across these bracelets years back. My first bracelets said I Trust You Jesus. Never took it off in years. When these black onyx came they were a must have. I love them!! My bracelet says Child Of God. Which I like To remember every time I look At my wrist. What a wonderful thought. I have Bought easily 10 of these for gifts.... and they all love them and wear them daily.


Great message and came as advertised. I was a little surprised by the material as I thought it would be fully round/smooth like the personalized ring shaped brackets seem to be, but the material is still comfy. I also have the a token replay bracelet and (I think due to its longer/more boxy shape) it’s kinda uncomfy to wear for long periods of time, but this BLM bracket is super comfortable and I hardly notice it’s there. Love it!

Love them!!!!

Exactly what I wanted, came very fast, and I had updates throughout the whole process. Amazing product

I love the bracelets. I haven’t taken them off since I got them

Love it!

Great gold accent piece

Mystery Bracelet

Love it!

This bracelet is so adorable, I wear it alimony every day

Very cute

I was worried that the engraving would look wierd with the Korean letters, but it turned out great! It's such a cute accessory. Will definitely buy another one soon!

balance ring

it’s wonderful! such a simple but beautiful piece of jewelry :)

String Length

I love life Token but they seem to have issues with their string length. They used to be perfect. Then they made them shorter. Which I know could be problematic for some people. Now they are sooooooo long! Please go back to the original size that was right in between.

Take your favorite song with you

I love the concept of this bracelet! I’m very into music and love that I can take my favorite song with me anywhere I go! I get compliments and questions about my bracelet a lot. I’ll be buying more! And yes it works! Scan it and Spotify brings up your song!


Bracelet came out just as I ordered and customer service was amazing they get back to you so quick will definitely order from here again:)