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Replay Bracelet

Loved the bracelet!

Made a great personal gift.

Super Cute!!

Mixtape Bracelet

My wife loved it. I made a mix tape of songs over our 20 year span together and from our wedding. Awesome gift!

Beautiful reminder of a huge event in my life!

The song I chose for my replay bracelet I had heard a million times with little to no thought on lyrics, etc. Then I was told I had cancer and heard the song again and it moved me so much that it became my anthem while going through surgery and recovery. I saw the ad to order the bracelet and it was a no-brainer for me. I have not taken it off since I got it... and yes, it really works so whenever you want to hear your song, just open the app and scan the bracelet! The price is right and I highly recommend for a special gift for yourself or your loved one.

Good quality

The bracelet was just what it showed it the picture, the mix tape band was good quality and it worked😃

Loved it!

I got the bracelet for my best friend & she loved it! I thought it was awesome too, definitely gonna get for myself! Thank you so much!

Super cool!

My bracelet is super cool!

Replay Bracelet

Really great but one problem

The actual code can’t be scanned unless it’s up against something dark. It’s a bit annoying but it’s still a great product. Super fast shipping and great customer service.

i got two of these, for my boyfriend’s and my anniversary and he really like it. they are super cute, strings are long enough to fit any wrist. The code works pretty good, and i believe it is water proof.

great quality. amazing bracelet!

Token of love

This bracelet made such an amazing gift, i am actually creating another one for a friend as we speak! It worked and is super thoughtful and special! I love how personalized it is!! 

Glimmer Glass Bead Bracelets

Amazing Customer Service

This company has some of the best customer service I have ever experienced. I messed up my order which they were then able to fix and then it got lost in the mail and they sent me a new one which they didn’t have to do since it wasn’t their fault it got lost. Overall they handled the situation very professionally and promptly and I would buy from them again!

awesome sauce

this product is dope, everything works like it’s supposed to! love it!

Great bracelets

I bought a bracelet here in 2018 and now 2 years later I decided to get another one and I wasn’t disappointed! The designs are sleek and very comfortable to wear

Replay Bracelet

Super cute and scanned pretty well, I chose mine and my boyfriends song for him and he loved it!

Great gift idea and great service

I bought as gifts for my daughters to play a song that is memorable to us and it works great. Had a problem with the shipping (USPS not seller) and I contacted Life Token and even though it was not their issue they resolved it immediately.


In all honestly I didn’t have high hopes but I ordered Spotify 2 bracelets and they are great! My girlfriend absolutely loves them.

Replay bracelet

I love the bracelet I love the color of the band

Replay Bracelet

Spotify link bracelet

Very cute!! Comes on a durable string. It makes me so happy to have my favorite song on my wrist :)!