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Welcome to the Life Token community dear friend. Your comfort and satisfaction are as important to us as the story you have to tell about who you are today, and how our products accompanied you on the journey into the better you tomorrow. At Life Token Inc, we pride ourselves on providing you the platform to tell your story so that others in our tribe who share your experience can get a chance to feel a step closer to self-actualization. Every piece of jewelry tells a story, and so, at Life Token, our identity is the accumulation of your stories. Our mission is to be here for you.

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  • madison_corter

    Boyfriend, best friend, lover, secret keeper, human diary, LOML, healer, world, shoulder, rock, babe, & my everything @lifetoken

  • tayleeshea

    From being someone that has struggled in the past, to having family and close friends struggle and lose their life, this subject could not mean more to me. I am thankful to have people in my life over come this but unfortunately not everyone is aware of how big of a problem addiction and overdose is in our world. Know the signs!

  • jenna_taddeo

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    I feel like since the day I was born my life has been a huge whirlwind, as many people can relate. For me personally, I feel like my childhood, for the most part was spent alone. With my parents constantly walking in and out, typical pressures at school, and moving I’ve never really been used to physical stability. I left high school and have never had big plans to go to college so I’ve literally been isolating myself from these external forces, thoughts and opinions that tell me to do so as much as possible. Though I know that everybody has different goals and different mindsets, I can’t help but think what a joke it is that it’s viewed that I should even be deciding my journey at such a young age and not just letting it happen. I feel like once I began viewing life as nothing but a game everything slowly started to make sense and I began feeling a lot less pressured to “get my life together”. Once I isolated myself from these opinions I began asking the universe to just give me what I want in the path of least resistance. It’s then that everything starts opening and you began to see that you are the center of your universe. When you really come to alignment with yourself, the universe cooperates to you, you don’t cooperate to others, for they are irrelevant to your creation. Needless to say sometimes it all slaps me in the face (by “it”, I mean raging anxiety, fear and pressure) but that’s only when I’m putting my energy towards the satisfaction of others and not taking control of my vibration. Nothing can or will influence you unless you agree to it. Knowing who you are is your greatest power. The universe already knows who you are, it’s just waiting on you to also know. And once you both know, you realize the cosmos already has a blueprint for your destiny and there’s no longer any desire to try and write your own blueprint. So set your intention and allow the universe to figure out the details.
    PS, if you’re having trouble making a decision about your life, you’re probably making it too soon πŸ€“πŸ€˜πŸ»

  • _noahhatesyou_

    Get you someone who understands your struggles to make it through every day, to just keep on going. Who supports you and pushes you to do great things. It’s absolutely wonderful having this. I love Anna so much. 😌🐝✨♥️ 

    #lifetoken #loveher 

    #mybee #carryon 



  • jordan_volrab

    Spreading positivity and kindness..everyone can relate to times of sadness,vulnerability,being lost or uncertain. But not everyone can relate to having someone there gifting words of comfort, strength, or encouragement.

    #lifetoken was created to be the tool for our words to be remembered and to have a lasting effect.

    I was introduced to @lifetoken and was able to customize this bracelet.

    I chose to have this put on mine to remind myself anytime im overwhelmed, sad, anything to just breathe. I can look down and just stop and focus on my breathing to calm myself give myself a second to re group and keep going❀






  • samela1570

    "Just Breathe"
    My mantra when the anxiety gets to be a little too much to handle. I've been saying this all my life and now I wear it to remind myself every day. 'Just breathe, Sam. It'll all be ok.'
    What would your #lifetoken say?
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    SAMANTHAOLSEN20 •link in bio•

  • nikkita.the.explorer

    Athens, Georgia

    Just wanted to share this beautiful bracelet I got the other day! I simply love my #lifetoken ! I grew up with my mother constantly telling my sister and I to "make smart choices". Now everytime I'm feeling down or lost or anywhere in between I know I have a piece of my mom to help me through. ❀ 




  • act2training

    A good reminder as I come back from a #training hiatus to discover how much #fitness I’ve lost. It’s discouraging but I’m #determined this time. #ultrarunning camp in May ‘19!! @lifetoken 

  • Mindy Baggaley Depp-DiCaprio

    Baby girl is heading into surgery #15 this morning. She's wearing her Life Token bracelet to remind her of our motto; Be brave Be strong