$50 Mystery Box – Life Token

$50 Mystery Box





Mystery Box 😍

Filled with Life Token products, every box is a different surprise 😉

$25 box includes Life Token products chosen at random 🎉

$50 box includes not only Life Token products, but other surprises will be thrown in as well 🎁  Cool, fun items? Sneak peak at new products? Buy one and see what you get 😜

*No special requests will be taken

**Items may not be exchanged or returned


Which characters can I use on my token?

  • We support just about anything you can think of! We can engrave in any language you can type in, as well as support a wide variety of special symbols.

Does Life Token donate to charity?

  • Yes we do! We have select products based around selected charities which you can find on our site or you can choose a charity of your choice to donate to with every purchase on the checkout page :)

Do you create words in other languages?

  • Yes we do! Any language you are able to type through your phone or computer and submit to us, we can engrave.

How long will it take to get my Life Token Bracelet?

  • You can expect it to take 7-10 business days. This includes order processing, production and shipping time. All items are mailed from our headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. You can track the status of your order on our Track Order page.

Are bracelets able to withstand water and be worn in the shower?

  • Yes - all our current bracelet bands are waxed polyester and can withstand water. Our engraved tokens and colors will not fade