Hayden's Corner Bracelet


Includes one "Hayden Hunstable 2020 #ThatSmile 🧡" bracelet to always remember Hayden with. We will be donating to Hayden's Corner, an organization dedicated to improving social and emotional development for K-12 in Hayden Hunstable’s honor 🧡🖤🐾🙏🏼🎈

Hayden was a loving brother, son and grandson.  His smile was infectious and his heart was gold. Hayden knew no strangers, had a deep passion for sports, loved fishing and the outdoors and enjoyed playing Xbox with his friends. He constantly curious to history and life mysteries and his crocodile hunter impression would make you cry laughing every time. He was deeply loyal to his family, his friends and his tribe.  We love you bubba. 


Watch Brad Hunstable, Hayden's father, tell his story here:


Hayden's Corner Fund has been established to address 2 critical issues.

  1. Begin the journey to fund and provide K-12 Schools, students, parents, and school systems learning content focused on the social and emotional development of our youth.  

  2. Support non-profits focused on gaming and technology psychology, addiction, and abuse among children and young adults.

Learn more about Hayden's Corner here 

We are always here if you need to talk.

RIP Hayden Hunstable 🧡

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