Custom Black Onyx Bracelet



Thank you so much for everyone's interest in our new black onyx token ❤️ Due to high demand, we have sold out in just one day! 😱  More coming soon, stay posted on our instagram @lifetoken for when they are back in stock 😊


Each and every customizable LifeToken bracelet is lovingly made to order to your exact needs 😍

Life Token Black Onyx helps to absorb all of the negative energy in your life while helping to develop your physical and emotional strength ✨ This stone is especially helpful in times of high stress, grief, and confusion to help power you through ❤️

Which characters can I use on my token?

  • We support just about anything you can think of! We can engrave in any language you can type in, as well as support a wide variety of special symbols. Our REAL TIME Token Customizer renders your design according to how it would look as you are designing it. Feel free to try it now, click or tap HERE, type and select any images you might be looking for and scroll up to see how it would look. If you cannot find a custom image, for an extra $5, check out our local artisan designs. 

Does Life Token donate to charity?

  • Yes we do! Every month we select a charity that we believe in to support. See our Charity page for details.

Do you create words in other languages?

  • Yes we do! Any language you are able to type through your phone or computer and submit to us, we can engrave. 

How long will it take to get my Life Token Bracelet?

  • Because of the amazing support of our amazing customers, we are extremely close to being able to guarantee 7-10 business days delivery from token production to ship each Life Token bracelet. Shipping times depend on where you live and shipping option you choose, all items are mailed from our headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. You can track the status of your order on our Track Order page.

Are bracelets able to withstand water and be worn in the shower?

  • Yes - all our current bracelet bands are waxed polyester and can withstand water. Our engraved tokens and colors will not fade

Up-Coming News

  • Amazing New Product Developments Coming Up. Be sure to look out for announcements!
  • Money-back guarantee on delivery
  • Celebs!


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