Bodhi Bead Bracelet


The Bodhi Collection from Life Token celebrates the gratitude of experiences that lead to growth with vibrant Indian Sari Silk dressed in the bead color of your choice to fit to any size. The word Bodhi is a Sanskrit term associated with "awaken" "enlighten". Bodhi's roots stem from the Buddhist concept in truth. In Buddhism, Bodhi is the final enlightenment or spiritual release before being fully awaken. As much of human growth occurs during times of extreme pressure or pain, we recognize the path to self-actualization is one filled with distractions. Life Token's Bodhi bracelets keep us grounded with the constant reminder of our true path to enlightenment. 

About Bodhi Bead Bracelets  
- Bracelet Cord Material: Hand dyed silk
- Bead Material: Gold or sterling silver beads
- Dimensions: 40 Inches Length and  3/4 Inches width

Each piece of silk is unique as it is hand dyed and hand sewn so no two are the same. It is sewn at the tip and therefore each piece may vary slightly in size. The material is a soft, silky material that feels wonderful on your wrist! 

This wrap style bracelet is adjustable to fit on any wrist - it can even be worn as a necklace! Simply wrap the bracelet around your wrist multiple times and then tie! You can tuck in the ends or leave them out, whatever your preference is :)

Each silk bracelet is paired with a set of six beads in a complimentary color.

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Miranda Bendix

I love the bracelets. I haven’t taken them off since I got them

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