is to amplify human kindness together with you, 

and the Life Token community, to point our combined desire 

for a better tomorrow into actionable contributions


A Positive Reminder

Living in 2020 means having to sift through overwhelming amounts of digital content on a daily basis, much of which is negative because that's what makes money. Without ever realizing it, our mental well being and happiness falls prey as we are unwittingly swept up in the whirlwind of emotions and causes that we hold steadfast to defend. 

Life Token started as a bracelet company. The thought was that your hands are your most frequently viewed part of your body, which is the best place to place a reminder that is meaningful. Whether it is a token of gratitude for friendship, or a phrase to get you through hard times, we figured that a positive reminder on your wrist was going to be impactful for mental wellbeing


Within the first three months of launching, orders came in by the thousands, and absolutely overwhelmed the very short-handed team operating out of an apartment in Hollywood, California. The concept was well received, but that was far from the point. We soon came to realize that the mission was much larger than we previously anticipated.


After reading through the stories of narrated life endeavors, meaningful relationships, love stories, worthy causes & identities, it became apparent that our mission is to amplify human kindness together with the Life Token community, to point our combined desire for a better tomorrow into charitable contributions.Life Token is committed to contributing portion of proceeds to various new charities every month with environmental and suicide awareness charities serving as our consistent pillars of charitable choice. 


Want to be featured?! New customer Life Token journeys and stories will be featured each week or month. Each week, with your permission, we will feature one of your best submitted stories to share with new and existing Life Tokeners. Your courage to share and investment to produce your store will win our gratitude as well as $250 worth of Life Token products or $150 cash! 


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