The Life Token mission is to magnify human to human kindness through meaningful gifts.



@kennymtattoos surprised me with this gem today! I had told him for months how neat I thought these bracelets were & to my surprise, it’s here :) mine reads”STAY ALIVE” with 3 hearts. Each heart represents the two of my children and my husband. It says Stay Alive because I have a constant struggle with mental illness, Bipolar1 & PTSD specifically. These illnesses may not control my life right now but I have to try and control them on a daily basis from taking over my life. I appreciate and love it so much!@lifetoken, you guys are amazing! Everytime I feel like disappearing I have this reminder now 💙


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Retro Radio Humidifier

The Retro Radio Humidifier is perfect for every home, it doubles has a cute home decor piece and a humidifier. You can even add it your favorite water-based essential oils and have your own miniature diffuser. Available in white pink, and green.

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